Building passive income, stage 2

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Here’s what I’ve been up to for the past few days.

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Current things to improve on for the blog:
To be more focused on every post, so as to provide content that is easily digested (and less random).

Think about ways to improve readability. There are quite a few aspects to this.

  • Font: size seems fine, type is legible enough as well.
  • Colors: a black/white contrast usually offers the best contrast. I’m still thinking if a white/black scheme would be better though.
  • Layout: this is the neverending discussion. I’m tempted to display the full posts in the main page to allow easier reading, but this kills off the space needed for my ads, and the navigation sidebar as well. It’s not a life-threatening issue anyway, I’ve seen worse layouts before. Need to add image verification to my comments form to lessen the damn spam as well.

Suggestions? (Other than getting rid of Hemingway.)

Status updates:

  • hits $5.38 today.
  • Google Adsense has gone way beyond at this point.
  • Added Nuffnang to the sidebar for individual posts. The banner’s not displaying anything yet, and does not seem to be aligned properly. Odd.
  • Google Sitemap plugin – via Quick Online Tips’ suggestion. This is useful, as submitting the sitemap allows Google to properly index your site, and provides Googlers to have a chance to come across your site on searches.
  • Added the Related articles plugin, but it doesn’t seem to work properly, bah. This provides readers with opportunities to view similar articles in their area of interest, which of course improves pageviews as well. Think of it as a win-win situation for both the reader and yourself.
  • There is this other thing that I’ll like to try out, but I’ll keep it under wraps for now as it requires money. The money from and Adsense will go towards funding the capital for this, and we’ll see how this works out before I announce it.

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The cover, featuring Glaedr.

*Alagaesia has announced the title of the third Inheritance novel to be Brisingr! Estimated release date: 20th Sep 2008.

“BRISINGR is one of the first words I thought of for this title, and it’s always felt right to me,” said Christopher Paolini. “As the first ancient-language word that Eragon learns, it has held particular significance for his legacy as a Dragon Rider. In this new book, it will be revealed to be even more meaningful than even Eragon could have known.” – quoted from press release on Alagaesia, dated 16 Jan 2008.

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