Excuses not to blog

[yawn] – Cataline Pimentel on Flickr, 10 Sep ’06.

MLB (迷路兵) has released their new album, and this track titled Tears (泪) sounds pretty good to me.

Reasons why there hasn’t been any recent posts:

  • tired from work (two jobs now, second job extreme fatigue even though it’s just two days a week).
  • would rather vegetate and read stuff on the net than write a new entry.
  • waiting for photos to be sent. I’ll write up the Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island entries once the photos arrive.
  • studying CCNA (yet again). The Bryant Advantage has good study materials, no doubt about that.
  • spending five hours the other day reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Not too bad I’d say.
  • busy reading other people’s blog posts.
  • reading Piers Anthony‘s Up In a Heaval. Typical Xanth novel, nothing too special, and a little boring even.
  • reading Kevin J Anderson‘s Captain Nemo. Good read, but too brief IMO.

So, lotsa reasons as you can see heh heh. Be updating once I’ve had enough sleep, burp.




Women who have sex without condoms feel less depressed? Now that’s a great reason to start a family, lol.

– What’s hidden in the fine print of the iPhone‘s terms of service?

This post from fourhourweek.com is bloody inspirational, I’m already aiming to streamline my travel luggage for future trips.

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