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Limiting the sugar intake. kein at 12am, 23 Mar 15.

Read about Steve Nash’s no-sugar diet at random just now. Might be a good idea to work on this gradually and see how things change in terms of energy level and health.

I’ve erased sugar from breakfasts for a while, by taking only snack bars without sugar (Carman’s and Thankyou). Only drink 99-100% orange juices (Coles Finest, Nudie, Grove, or even Black Label) instead of concentrates.


Lately, have begun removing sodas from lunches/meals wherever possible, taking water instead.

Next up, taking away white pasta (durum semolina) and replacing with whole wheat pasta, when it’s time to restock.

Obviously, snacking on chocolates aren’t going to help, so munchies like KitKat, Crunchie and TimTams will be severely limited. (Guess who’s the guy with five packs of TimTam at home?)

Little changes, little steps! It’s funny how all of this BS is coming from someone who hasn’t really given a damn about diet all this time. Coming from an efficiency perspective though, it’s all about making the body work better.

Right clicking on a MacBook kein at 2am, 7 Mar 15.

is easier than I thought, and pretty intuitive (two fingers). Still prefer a mouse though!

In other news, the late night happened yet again.

Sleeping late is a bad idea kein at 1am, 6 Mar 15.

Staying up late is almost always a bad idea these days. Especially two hours over.

Note to self: get an earlier start, 1130pm is get-your-ass-off-the-internet hour. Otherwise, zombiefication might occur.

But man, watching basketball is so engrossing.

The road to killing procrastination kein at 1am, 5 Mar 15.

Thing about getting older, absentmindedness happens with increasing regularity. More reason to focus, get things done ASAP and not procrastinate. Look at the offending task right in the eye, dropkick the shit out of that thing and finish it off, make sure it doesn’t come back.

And I say this again. My brain is seriously not built for multitasking these days.

And oh yes. Figured out how to delete a protected OU in AD today.

Security, Muse. kein at 12am, 4 Mar 15.

Reading about volume and file encryption makes me think about the ways security concerns have grown in recent years. With maturity comes the need for privacy, and security. In the early days, it was all about making things work. Now that they work, we ponder quality. Robustness and reliability. Speed. Security.

In other news, watching Kobe’s Muse documentary shows a vulnerable and personal side to the man, you feel like he’s just another guy sharing his stories. Feels a little too scripted. It’s all about telling a story though, especially with film. Not a bad story, all in all.